Shiny Red Nothing book now available!



West Michigan artist releases genre-defying new book collecting 15 years worth of diverse works

HOLLAND, MI - Life is strange. Enter Jeremiah Strickland to affirm and celebrate life's strangeness with his new book, Shiny Red Nothing: Weird! Art, Lyrics, Musings, Essays, & Short Stories, a mind-bending collection of works dating from 2005 - 2019. Stand in awe at the foot of the Telekinetic Tree With An Eye. Set a trap for a local legend at Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore with a young wildlife enthusiast. Give a paranoid ear to a Wilco album on a crowded New York city subway car. Confront ghosts while awkwardly wooing a vampire. Go on an adventure in skepticism with a Bigfoot who's got a degree in biology. Use profanity. Do drugs. Question reality. This cornucopia of off-kilter imagination is bound to make you smile, sure to make you think, and destined to weird you out. Shiny Red Nothing is available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle store on March 25, 2019. It’s the perfect gift for the existentialist, art loving nerds in your life.

“I don’t believe in putting myself in a box,” says Strickland of the unclassifiable collection. “It makes self-publishing the perfect option for me. What a time to be an artist! I get to set my own boundaries.” He cites influences as wide-ranging as his own work; Ernest Hemingway, Grant Morrison, Claude Monet, Carlton Mellick III, Wes Anderson, and Pavement are among the artists that have provided inspiration and awe to Strickland’s life and work.

In a former life, Jeremy led the indie rock band, The Minni-Thins, to some success. In his current incarnation (AKA at forty), he still makes music, as well as art and writings, all under the umbrella of Shiny Red Nothing. Most recently, his artwork was displayed for Grand Rapids, MI’s annual international art show, Artprize. He lives West Michigan with his wife and two stepchildren.

Shiny Red Nothing: Weird! Art, Lyrics, Musings, Essays, & Short Stories is available from the Amazon Kindle Store here. It will be available for free on April Fool’s Day, 4/1/2019. A PDF version of the book is available by request for press to review.

Jeremy Strickland