Ship Of Theseus: A Novel

In 2006, Wayne Bird lost his girlfriend Sally (AKA: VD) to a heroin overdose while housesitting for Dorothy, an art dealer, in her haunted apartment. Surrounded by Dorothy’s collection of strange, vibrant paintings, Bird drinks, smokes pot, hits on the vampire downstairs, and obsesses over the superhero video game he can’t beat while avoiding his grief. As his grip on reality crumbles, the apartment’s ghosts close in, and his own demons threaten to consume him.

Meanwhile, 150 years later in another dimension, an elderly Wayne Bird encounters Skyrat, the superhero he made up when he was seven. Skyrat accepts a crucial mission from Bird and finds himself mixed up with math worshipping cultists, a pair of questionably ethical cops, a hive-minded street gang, a skin-shedding monster, and a crime boss with a vendetta against a warlord of the Evil East.

Now, question your reality and prepare yourself for the strangest adventure in this dimension. Ship Of Theseus: A Novel is now available!

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