Coloring Book For Adults

In the summer of 2018, Shiny Red Nothing releases its first adult coloring book, but not like the ones you might find at Target. Instead, you can think of this book as being full of wordless, one-page, bizzarro comic-book short-stories. Inside, you'll meet a giant tortoise with a city growing out of his back. You'll take a family photo in front of the fossilized skull of a giant. You'll attend a doomed underwater funeral.

And much more...

Enjoy this sample!

"The Wound Upon the Dean Man"
J. Strickland; 2018

"Digital Charm"
J. Strickland; 2018

"Paleo Piscine"
J. Strickland; 2018

"Sierra's Travels"
J. Strickland; 2017