The Today, Satan! EP is the riotous debut of Shiny Red Nothing’s new West Michigan line-up. Showcasing the band’s weird, diverse songbook, Today, Satan! takes you on a trip. You’ll ride the waves of joyous, freaky indie rock, make a left turn into a couple of offbeat townships in the deep American south of an alternate dimension, and finally find yourself stoned and a little drunk, peeking your head into the side offices of Hell’s halls, just for the giddy thrill of it. By the end, you’ll become possessed by an intimate knowledge of why Shiny Red Nothing requires their own genre. Their music can only be defined as Blackgrass. Find the Today, Satan! EP at Bandcamp Dot Com on October 31, 2019.
To celebrate the release of Shiny Red Nothing’s Today, Satan! EP, the band is blanketing West Michigan and beyond with bountiful Blackgrass CDs, DVDs, and more, each with its own handmade packaging, cover art, and track listing. The CD’s can be found randomly and wherever the cool kids in your neighborhood like to hang out, get tattoos, or pick up some pipe screens. How many can you collect?
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“You’re my favorite new Blackgrass band. I’m going to get my hair cut like the guitar player.”
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Folks sometimes exclaim, “Not today, Satan!” in the wake of a victory, implying that the devil almost got them, but they managed to give Old Scratch the slip… This time. Here at Shiny Red Nothing, we say, “No!” Time to take a stand. Let’s go toe to toe right now and get it the hell over with. Today, Satan!
All the best,
Jeremy, TJ, Stephanie, and Tim
Here’s a live acoustic set you can enjoy while you anxiously await the new release!