A Mostly Complete Photo Record of the Today, Satan! DIY Promo CDs

The idea was to make a truckload of individualized CDs, each with unique track listings and album art, then distribute them for free throughout West Michigan and beyond. Every day, a photo of a CD cover would be posted on Instagram, starting at the end of July 2019 and lasting until the Today, Satan! EP released on Halloween. We made it into September before our creative fires died, I think. It was a lot of damn covers, man! There's 72 of them here, and this is probably 96% of what we made. Many of the ones printed with my art were produced in quantities of 20, so there were easily 200 CDs given to folks we've met or left in shops, restaurants, bars, and tattoo parlors we dig (TJ even made me give some to the members of Black Mountain when we saw them). We worked hard to put a lot of music into a lot of folks hands, and the project was a blast for my bandmates and I.

Let's have a moment of silence for all of those magazines, comics, and thrift-store photo-books that gave their lives to this project. They were mutilated, amalgamated, and repatriated to our imaginary landscapes, though, and I think they're all a bunch of beauties any Viktor Frankenstein would admire.

Thanks to everyone who's reading this because they found one of those CDs, and thanks to Stephanie Cole, TJ Meyering, and Rick VanGrouw for your contributions

Here are the covers, in no particular order.