The Greatest Cyn (A microfiction short story)

I am participating in the 2020 nycmidnight 100 word microfiction contest. My assignment was to write a sci-fi story, incorporate the word "million," and include the action of changing a diaper. Here's what I submitted for the first round.

Cyn arrived at dawn, beginning work with dishes and laundry. Upstairs, she found the baby motionless in her crib. “Mindy,” said Cyn, caressing a blue knee.


She alerted the authorities, cleaned, and changed the corpse’s diaper. Mindy’s mother sang flatly in the shower. Soon, Amanda would enter the room where her child slept peacefully not an hour before, find the infant’s remains, and unleash a thunderous requiem. Perfect key.

Cyn offered Amanda no comfort. She had changed a million diapers, after all, and would go on to change a million more, but empathy was absent from her programming.