Ship of Theseus Soundtrack

There’s no release information to share for the novel yet, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the soundtrack for free! Featuring songs by For Algernon and a symphonic score by Shiny Red Nothing, Ship of Theseus is the perfect soundtrack for your adventure. 

1. You Might Be the First One - For Algernon
2. The Lost Encampment - Shiny Red Nothing
3. An Army of You and Me - For Algernon
4. Go Berserk - Shiny Red Nothing
5. Jill, Believe In Me - For Algernon
6. Escape Through the Cultist Wormhole - Shiny Red Nothing
7. Attack of the Left Hand / Skyrat’s Theme - Shiny Red Nothing
8. Baited Breath (live on WGCU) - Meat Curtain

Get the soundtrack from Archive Dot Org for free right here!