Coloring Book For Adults Now Available!


IT’S FINALLY HERE! Today, “Color Your Own Shiny Red Nothing: An Adult Coloring Book” is available to purchase on Amazon! Here’s the details:

In 2018, Jeremiah Strickland had the privilege of participating in ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids, MI, turning Harmony Hall (an excellent independent brewery and pizzeria) into a living coloring book. The contents of this book comprise of the drawings made to hang on Harmony’s walls. The following pretentious statement hung alongside them:“I built a ship. It's sailing a sea called Harmony Hall. My ship’s hull is the black and white illustrations on the walls. The sails are crayons, markers, and colored pencils. You are the wind. Art can be humanity’s vehicle for exploring feelings and ideas that can’t be expressed in words. Art democratizes the intangible, as every observer sails away with their own unique perspective on the meaning of a piece of art, regardless of the artist's original intent. Art is a cooperative experience.“Color Your Own Shiny Red Nothing” removes the barrier between art and observer by removing the glass from the frames. Don't just look... Touch! This ship was mine, but now it's yours too. To steer. To color. To have fun with. To add meaning to. To individualize. To share.I'm Jeremy. I'll be your captain if you'll be my wind. Enjoy the ride.Where do you want to go?”