A View Of Morning Light


When my niece was born, I was my sister’s neighbor in the Bay Bridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. As I watched her make her first trip around the sun, I couldn’t help but stand in existential delight at the universe’s creative power; this universe where the leftover debris of stars that died millions, maybe billions, of years ago recycled via my sister into an infectiously joyous little observer of this universe named Riley, my favorite neighbor ever. Here’s a song I wrote about it. The first version below is a studio recording featuring my family on back-up vox. I love how perfectly absurd the video is. The second version of the song is performed live from Bay Ridge Brooklyn, a few days after I wrote the tune.


Look, baby, a diamond of night sky

like a needle eye’s view of the morning light

and when I see you with the very next day

we’ll smile and say, “It’s good to see my friend again”

with every thing you learn you’ll know well that you are

with every color you discern from another color that tells you

with your keen light, yeah, you will surely travel far

you’re not unlike that diamond star



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