Halloween Horrors: The Minni-Thins + Nosferatu = That Old Kentucky Blackgrass


Before Shiny Red Nothing, I led an indie rock outfit called The Minni-Thins. Our second album, That Old Kentucky Blackgrass, was recorded In 2006, just before we broke up, and was never finished or officially released. However, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the recordings, Shiny Red Nothing remastered the Blackgrass' songs and created a series of videos using footage from the 1922 silent horror masterpiece, Nosferatu. Below you’ll find an edited version of Nosferatu with the Minnis’ tunes as the soundtrack. What follows are music videos for the individual songs. Enjoy... If you dare!

Nosferatu - The Complete Blackgrass Videos

The Minni-Thins - The Devil Can’t Dance

The Minni-Thins - Chorus of the Zombie Apocalypso

The Minni-Thins - Prolific Shitter

The Minni-Thins - The Itch

The Minni-Thins - Do the Blackgrass

The Minni-Thins - That Old Kentucky Blackgrass

The Minni-Thins - Apparent

The Minni-Thins - Germs

The Minni-Thins - Julia, On Her Prayer Stand

The Minni-Thins - That Black Black Grass Of Home