Halloween Horrors: Shiny Red Nothing - Ojos (Music Video)


Halloween is nearly upon us. If you like horror films as much as you like Blackgrass music, you’ve come to the right place. We begin our series of creepy  music videos and tunes with Ojos (from the Today, Satan! EP) which is set to the 1928 collaboration between Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, “Un Chien Andalou,” an unsettling short film about a couple with... uh... Relationship problems.

Honey, I can barely grasp you with your native tongue 

But the darkest glass above brown eyes and dark hair in a white knit cap 

suggest that

You want to hide girl you want to hide girl

Oh girl don't hide

Let uncover your eyes

Ojos ojos

Honey I must admit that the language barrier worked

To cover up the fires when you set your mind to cook up a

You told a lie girl you told a lie girl

Oh girl don't lie

It don't avert your eyes

Ojos ojos

Honey you trouble my mind with incessant inquest

I don't know what shape we’ll take 

water takes the shape overtook 

Honey water

water slides girl so just let this slide girl

Don't let your Waters Dry

Ojos ojos

Honey I love you so much that I could hardly breathe

And now that I am gone there's all that one could need

And someday I'm going to die girl and you're going to die girl

Oh girl don't cry

Just get on with your life and I'll live mine

Honey water

Water slides girl 

so just let this slide girl

Oh girl just slide

Don't let your Waters Dry

Ojos Ojos

BONUS: Here’s a live version of the song, performed with ex-SRN bass player and singer, Melissa Bingle!