Shiny Red Nothing - Weak Anthropic (MUSIC VIDEO)


Music video for a lost rocker from one of the “Today, Satan!” recording sessions.


Time to arise
Come alive
Snatch salt crust from blue eyes
And put my pants up
In eight minutes time
Our sun shines upon moss carpet of the woods
My feet are tapping
Dead twigs are packing

Not gonna settle
For the first one
Yeah, in the middle
That’s where my fusion’s running raw

Confession of mine
All the time 
I kicked red clay right in my eyes
I was so scared
Now I don’t mind
If stars align
It’s none my business if stars bear witness
Stars bear witness

Not gonna settle
For the last one
Here in the middle
That’s where my fission’s burning raw

In my mind
Through my eyes
I see no patterns that arise but for my chosen
Waves of light in my brain
Electric gain
Completes the circuit of my bright idea forming
That knot’s untying

Not gonna settle
For the left one
Right in the middle
I’ll get my fission burning raw