Scary Red Nothing - Grave Of The Vampire - An Electric Ashtray Session

A baby who drinks blood. A mother who accommodates. A blackgrass band who accompanies.

Shiny Red Nothing is proud to present this loosey goosey set of sanguine soaked songs for your Halloween horror and delight.

 Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

1) Devil Town
2) Aurora Borealis
3) Oh, Nef!
4) What A Lovely Way To Spend Your Probation (Acoustic)
5) Vexed Vixen (Jam)

Stephanie Cole - Vocals, Percussion
Thelonius Juice “TJ” Meyering - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jeremy Strickland - Guitar, Ukelele, Vocals
Jesse St John Wallace - Drums, Backing Vocals

 All songs by Shiny Red Nothing except “Devil Town” by Daniel Johnston.

Footage from the 1974 film “Grave of the Vampire” taken from the public domain. Watch it free here: