“Sibs” & “Luz, Reformed” (two Pieces of microfiction)

(I signed up for a 100 word micro-fiction writing contest. As a prompt, I was assigned a word, an action, and a genre. I got “million,” “changing a diaper,” and “sci-fi.” I wrote three stories for the challenge, and after much deliberation with family and friends, turned in what I believed to be the best of the three. It was a hard choice. Here are the rejected stories. I’ll share the  story I turned in when I can, and I’ll definitely let y’all know when I win. 😜)

My brother Michael swept up, then attended to the baby. At the changing table, her soiled diaper was trashed, like the old days, then they went downstairs so he could wash dishes. He had nearly earned a million experience points. 
Later, when Mom interrupted his game to change our analogue sister, he wasn’t as motivated. Still, he took Jenny to the Baepod and continued his game on the nearby smartwall while her befouled diaper was vaporized and a fresh one was printed on. 
Mike sighed. With luck, he’d get bonus points for doing laundry before Mom assigned another chore.


Luz, Reformed
“That bitch sentenced me to change a literal million diapers,” Luz continued. She taped the shit-mitt closed and tickled her charge. Its volcanic eyes sparked, raising hairs on Luz’s arms. “Took years.”
Bill primed the incubator’s busted fission igniter. “Mind diapers now?”
“These? No. Earth gravity… No worker-babies or soldier-babies...”
“What’d you do, anyway?” 
Luz wiped away tentacle snot. “Shoplift,” she lied.
“Young or desperate?”
“Both.” It was true of her crime. “Vamanos. If they’re going to eat this monster tonight, we’ve got to get it in the incubator by four.”
“Yeah, yeah,” sighed Bill. 
Dinner was served criminally late.


(More information on this epic contest is available at http://www.nycmidnight.com/)