Moment of Truth (a microfiction short story)

I cleared the first round of the NYC Midnight 100 Word Microfiction Contest with my story, “The Greatest Cyn.” For the 2nd round, just like the 1st, I was given a genre, an action, and a word that I had to use to build my story. I was given 24 hours to write it. This time, my genre was drama, the action was “faking a laugh,“ and the word was “worry.” Cross your fingers for me! 

Moment of Truth

“Also, Reverend,” you recited at the dull aqua waiting room furniture. “If God were real, he’d be ashamed of you too.” 

An ICU doctor coughed. You spun around, faked a laugh. “This way.” In the room, she squeezed your shoulder. Terminal diagnosis. “Days, maybe.”

Tubes. Machines. Dyspnea. Sunday clouds replaced the tumultuous blue oceans his eyes once restrained. “Yemaya?”

You caught yourself taking his hand. “Just me.”

“Get my wife.”

“Funeral was years ago.” Your last time seeing him.

“I worry… “ Light rain departed Sunday clouds. “Will I see her in Heaven?”

You squeezed. “Mom’s waiting for you, Dad.”