Eyes Forward

Heidi in Paris.

I woke up on Sunday morning

Tempted by the thought of sleeping in

But then you hooked your arm around me

To whisper please,

“Make eggs for me”

And so I did

With eyes forward

You snuck up on me in the kitchen

Moved by scarlet thoughts of lips to lips

And when you wrapped your arms around me,

I said, “Please, set the table for me,

And call the kids”

With eyes forward

And when you wonder why

Makes me wonder how

All the memories we buried under the ground

Found their way back to town

After the sun has left

No light behind to reflect on

All the memories we left back eating our ground

In that tidied town

I won't find work as a pilot

Nor build a house or dig a grave

Loving you's fine work

And we're so good at doing our jobs almost every day



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