Shiny Red Nothing - Ashtray Sessions Collection

A Blackgrass band with a revolving line-up is assembled around a long, cylindrical ashtray with a cell phone suspended above it. Tendrils of smoke slither from fingers and lips. Time passes much the same, like smoke. Meanwhile, said Blackgrass band extends their auras, fixes their final form, and fills the air with a joyous, meticulously arranged southern songscape.

Caught. Captured. Imprisoned on the so-called cloud; only the cream of this crop is cultivated for release.


[ blak -gras ]


Describing a musical subgenre of indie rock which leans heavily into southern rock and roll roots while amalgamating multiple styles, featuring shared female/male vocals, intelligent lyricism punctuated by raptorial screams, and produced and passionately performed with a punk rock inspired DIY ethos.

1. Ashtray Sessions: Vol. 1

2. Baited Breath (Ashtray Session Single)

3. Lovely Mathematician (Ashtray Session Single)

4. Becky, Go Home (Ashtray Session Single)

5. Poor Compass (Ashtray Session Single)

6. The Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman (An Ashtray Session)

7. Honey (Ashtray Session Single)

8. Sessions For Stevie’s Cinematic Single (An Electric Ashtray Session)

9. Symmetry Dead’s Cinematic Single (An Electric Ashtray Session)

10. Bionic Ninja (An Electric Ashtray Session)

11. Killer Of Snakes, Fox Of Shaolin (An Electric Ashtray Session)

12. Hillbilly Hexes (An Electric Ashtray Session)

13. A Walk In The Park (Ashtray Session Single)

14. The Ballad Of Nefarious Falling (Ashtray Session Single)

15. What A Lovely Way To Spend Your Probation (Ashtray Session Single)

16. Trial By Combat (An Electric Ashtray Session)