Scary Red Nothing - The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman


Released on YouTube October 13, 2019.

For your ornery October thrill, we proudly present Paul Naschy's blood-spurting 1971 cinema treasure, "The Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman" featuring a rowdy Ashtray Session soundtrack by your very own favorite blackgrass band, Shiny Red Nothing. 

1) Baited Breath 
2) Lovely Mathematician 
3) Honey 
4) Eyes Forward 
5) Today, Satan! 
6) Hope & Water 

At the time, Shiny Red Nothing was: Stephanie Cole - vox, tamborine Thelonius Juice (TJ) Meyering - bass, choir Jeremy Strickland - acoustic guitar, banjolele, vox Nic Klekover - electric guitar, choir Kevin Foster - cajon, choir All songs by Jeremy Strickland ©Punk Rock Superhero Music except "Hope & Water" by Jason Wells, originally performed by For Algernon ©Grandpa's Chili. 

Film footage grave-robbed from the public domain. To see "The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman" or to learn more, visit:

A Blackgrass band with a revolving line-up is assembled around a long, cylindrical ashtray with a cell phone suspended above it. Tendrils of smoke slither from fingers and lips. Time passes much the same, like smoke. Meanwhile, said Blackgrass band extends their auras, fixes their final form, and fills the air with a joyous, meticulously arranged southern songscape.

Caught. Captured. Imprisoned on the so-called cloud; only the cream of this crop is cultivated for release.


[ blak -gras ]


Describing a musical subgenre of indie rock which leans heavily into southern rock and roll roots while amalgamating multiple styles, featuring shared female/male vocals, intelligent lyricism punctuated by raptorial screams, and produced and passionately performed with a punk rock inspired DIY ethos.