A whole serving of psychedelic philosophy and fever dream mythology. A hero’s quest on acid.” 

— Jason Wells


“A genre-bending, fun ride through a vibrant world.”

— Trevor Stout


This is a bonkers story but it's wildly entertaining, and has ultra memorable characters with tons of depth to them.”

— SG


Ship of Theseus is an amazing debut novel, full of diverse characters, innovative blending of genres, and so much epic action.”

— Erika


Had me cracking up.”

— Jesse Wallace


More than an excellent read, “Theseus” is an immersive adventure in humaning.”

— Rick V


For those of us that love science fiction, time-travel and all things super hero's, this is a must read!”

— Elsie


Wild stuff. Get it if you like Elmore Leonard and Alan Moore or maybe Amazon’s Boys.”

— Adam Herald


This is a wildly imaginative story told by a writer who clearly had a blast weaving its intricacies together.”

— Endorphin84


such good book very superhero very masterpiece”

— Evie