“Immersive Masterpiece.”


“This work stands as a testament to the author’s inventive storytelling and is sure to leave a lasting impression on those daring enough to embark on its twisted odyssey.

- Richard Phoenix

“Immersive masterpiece.”

- Tam Ku

“A wonderfully crafted imaginative story.”

- Avimanyu Datta

“Strickland’s writing is quite a ride, offering readers an unparalleled experience that is unlike anything they’ve ever encountered.”

- Sarah Russel

“Wild imaginative ideas and philosophical explorations provide a unique reading experience.”

- Haku Yokai

“(A) masterpiece.”

- Evie

“For those of us that love science fiction, time-travel and all things super hero’s, this is a must read!”

- Elsie

“More than an excellent read, “Theseus” is an immersive adventure in humaning.”

- Rick V

“This is a mind-bending romp through genres with characters that you won’t forget.”

- Nate Burgan

“A whole serving of psychedelic philosophy and fever dream mythology. A heros quest on acid.”

- Jason Wells

“This guy knows his stuff, whatever genre it may be, and he finds ways of weaving together and subverting tropes - all while creating a wholly original story at its core.”

- Trevor Stout

“This is a bonkers story but it’s wildly entertaining, and has ultra memorable characters with tons of depth to them.”

- SG

“An amazing debut novel, full of diverse characters, innovative blending of genres, and so much epic action.”

- Erika Steeves

“Unlike anything I’ve ever read.”

- The Book and the Drink

“The story is fast-paced, addictive, humorous and bizarre and full of things like ghosts, vampires, curtain demons (yes, really! 😈😂) parallel universes, Superheroes and cultists! It reads like a really fucked up but wholly enjoyable acid trip!!”

- Corrina Morse

“Wow. That was such a wild ride.”

- Shed

Ship Of Theseus: A Novel written and illustrated by Jeremiah Strickland is the tale of a grieving writer who has a terrifying existential crisis in the haunted apartment of an art-dealer before traveling 150 years into the future of another universe to meet Skyrat, the superhero he created when he was 7. It’s a darkly funny, disturbing, action packed, mind-fuck of a ride that’s being called “Wildly entertaining,” and “Unlike anything I’ve ever read.” See what all the hype’s about exclusively @ 

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