Scary Red Nothing - Ship Of Theseus: Videobook - Part I: When We Are Inhuman


The following short horror story, When We Are Inhuman, is Part 1 of the 2 Part novel Ship Of Theseus. It was originally published (on the now defunct webzine) I See Sound in 2006. For your Halloween Horror and delight, Shiny Red Nothing proudly presents the Ship Of Theseus Videobook, with the story read by the author.


I remember it like a dream. In the winter of 2006, my college sweetheart, Sally, died from a heroin overdose. At the time, I was house sitting for Dorothy, my best friend Bruce’s girlfriend, while she was away on business. It was a long walk from Dorothy's apartment to Bruce's. I walked it once and couldn't bring myself to exert the effort again.  Her apartment was on the third floor, so there was no way Bruce could get his wheelchair up there to visit me.


You should know that I was not alone in Dorothy's apartment…

Chapter 1

Isolated and on a vicious inward spiral after his girlfriend’s heroin overdose, Wayne Bird mourns and gets drunk with his well-wishing visitors while house-sitting for Dorothy.

Chapter 2
Desperate to make a connection, Wayne awkwardly hits on the “vampire” from the downstairs apartment. Later, an old friend makes a return visit, and the ghosts in Dorothy’s apartment have something to say about it.

Chapter 3
Struggling to grieve the death of his girlfriend, connect with Jasmine, or defeat the video game he’s obsessed with, Wayne’s grip on reality crumbles as the ghosts in Dorothy’s apartment close in on him.


Shiny Red Nothing is proud to present Ship Of Theseus, a genre-nuking novel that pits a troubled young writer named Wayne Bird against his own demons before rocketing him 150 years into the future to meet Skyrat, the superhero he created when he was a little boy. 

Ghosts, vampires, skin-shedding monsters, hive-minded street gangs, alien viruses, math obsessed cultists, drugs that induce nirvana, and an adventure like none other awaits you!