NAME: Gabrielle Fibonacci 
ALIAS: Factor
OCCUPATION: Senior Brot Monk, Green City
BIO: Born in Green City to second generation Janusian immigrants, Fibonacci was sent to a Brot monastery on Janus for schooling after several bullying incidents sparked by her unfortunate facial deformity, the result of a bout of Khwarizmi’s Melting Sickness in her infancy. After graduating, she returned to Earth and began working as an administrative assistant for the Green City Brot Order before being promoted up through the ranks. Currently, her passion is working with retired Tony gang members who are struggling with reacclimating to mental and emotional autonomy after being freed from the Tony hive-mind. Meanwhile, the Brots she oversees struggle in Green City. Widely viewed as cultists, they’re regularly targeted by xenophobic Louie gang members, a violent fact of life that’s about to bring Factor and Skyrat together in an unlikely alliance...


Shiny Red Nothing is proud to present Ship Of Theseus, a genre-nuking novel that pits a troubled young writer named Wayne Bird against his own demons before rocketing him 150 years into the future to meet Skyrat, the superhero he created when he was a little boy. 

Ghosts, vampires, skin-shedding monsters, hive-minded street gangs, alien viruses, math obsessed cultists, drugs that induce nirvana, and an adventure like none other awaits you!